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We produce water slide decal papers for both inkjet and laser printers. We also carry an extensive selection of self adhesive vinyl, polyester, and specialty films for desktop printing. Whatever your desktop publishing, arts & crafts, or production label need, you will find a product to meet it here. To order, please go to our ecommerce website: www.texascraft.com

Inkjet decal media. Inkjet Media
Here you will find a sampling of our inkjet printable media. From printable white waterproof vinyl to both clear and white water slide decal paper. Also, don't miss our unique glow in the dark paper, printable magnetic sheets, and gold and silver adhesive polyester sheets.

Bumper siicker media and other media for laser printers. Laser Media
A few of our laser media products are listed below. We offer an extensive line of water slide decal papers especially for newer, high heat, color laser printers. This includes a broadly compatible standard laser decal paper, a soft formula laser decal paper ideal for curved substrates, and a bake on decal paper for a new level of durability previously unavailable with a home printer.

  • Decal paper.
  • Water-Slide decal material and pre-coated paper.
  • Tattoo paper.
  • Self-Type of adhesive poly base film (sticker media)
  • T-Shirt or heat transfer media.
  • Holographic self-adhesive media.
  • Glossy catalog paper.
  • ..For our complete laser selection see the navigation bar in the upper left of this site.

Paper and film for arts & crafts flexible magnetis etc Other Media
Along with our many inkjet and laser printable materials we also offer several non printable and accessory products. Metallic heat transfer foils, non printable static cling, and thick flexible magnetic are just a few of the innovative products we are proud to make available.

  • Waterproof Laminate Film Self-Type of adhesive(cold laminate)
  • Inkjet Artist Laminate Film in different gloss grades for Inkjet Media.
  • Waterproof Flexible Inkjet Magnetic Kit.

Updated April 7th 2009